Content Filtering and Accountability
for the modern internet

A New Approach To Keeping You Safe Online

The internet is changing everyday. Shouldn't your accountability software take this into account? At ENXO we take a more personalized and comprehensive approach to personal device protection.

Block pornography
Protect your whole device, not just a browser

What Sets us apart?

Typical solutions on the market use dated technology to filter out or monitor innapropriate sites using the name of the site or title of the page. Our software scans each page you visit in real time to determine the content of the site. This technique is more dynamic and picks up on things that other software doesn't.

We are using Machine Learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to constantly improve our software.

What We Offer

Here are some of the most common features that we currently offer with our service. This list is designed to give you a better idea of what our service has to offer.

Protect your whole device, not just a browser

Device Level Protection

Did we mention we protect your whole device and not just your browser? All apps get their content by making requests to web servers. (Often referred to as API's). We monitor these connections in real time to make sure you are protected no matter what app you use.

Use the browser you already know and love

Bring Your Own Browser

We don't believe that you should be confined to a third party web browser to be protected. We filter the majority of your apps and browsers, meaning you're covered no matter what browser/app you use. See Common Questions for more info.

Protect against explicit searches

Dynamic Content Filtering

Other apps use DNS filtering to detect the names of sites you visit. Our software analyzes pages in real time to determine the actual content of the page. This allows us to catch what others miss.

Protect against explicit searches

Accountability partners

Because you can't do it alone. Software is not the solution to pornography addiction, it is simply a tool. Lasting freedom is found in community and accountability. When you add an accountability partner, they will receive a weekly report of your activity. Invite as many as you like.

Create custom filtering policies for all your devices

Personalized Protection

We can easily create a custom policy for each of your devices. Want to block all images and videos from showing up? We can do that! Ask about our personalized protection policies.

Protect against explicit searches

Reduce Your Distractions

It's not just for blocking pornography. Set up a custom policy to help you manage your distractions. Disable apps/websites on a schedule to help you stay focused.

Choose A Plan That's Right For You

Whether you're an individual, church or other organization that is interested in personal device filtering, we can put together a plan that is right for you.



This is our basic individual plan which covers up to 3 of your personal devices. You can choose to have an accountability partner who will receive weekly emailed reports.

Select Plan


$45/month and up

Our organizational plan operates on a sliding scale.
With an organizational plan you can offer filtering and accountability for your staff or members of your organization. There is no hardware to install and we will work with you to get everyone set up properly. We will provide basic training and support.

More Info

Common Questions

We are all about honesty and transparency. Here are some common questions we get about our service.

Do you offer a parental control app?

We do not offer a parental control app in the traditional sense. Currently our service is geared towards adults. We don't require you to install an app on your phone, however we do need you to install a configuration profile.

Do you support Android Devices?

We currently do not support Android Devices. We would like to in the future, however for the time being we are focusing on iOS devices as well as Desktop and Laptop Computers.

Does your service use a VPN?

While our Guardrails App does install a VPN profile on your device, you are not actually connecting to a VPN. This is a "dummy connection" that allows us to redirect requests made from your device through our secure servers. This connection will always be running in the background regardless of what network you may be connected to.

What happens if I use Incognito mode or private browsing

Sites that you visit while using a private browsing mode are still filtered and logged for your protection

Are my apps filtered as well?

For the most part yes. Their are some exceptions to this as the internet is constantly changing. For example we cannot filter the apps for Facebook and Snapchat as they use a technology called SSL Pinning. Because of this technology their is no software that is able to filter these apps.

Is it easy to bypass?

Because Apple is focused on user experience and personal security, their is no solution available that cannot be circumvented in some way or another. Because we do filtering on the device level, it is no easy to bypass.

Will it interfere with any of my apps?

Generally speaking you will not have issues with any of your apps. However, some of our more customized plans can cause issues with some apps. We work very hard to ensure compatibility as much as possible. If you experience issues with a particular app or website, we will be happy to research a solution.

Does it block innapropriate sites or just report them?

Our basic protection package is two-fold. It blocks content and also keeps a report of your browsing history.