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Common Questions

We are all about honesty and transparency. Here are some common questions we get about our service.

Do you offer a parental control app?

We do not offer a parental control app in the traditional sense. Currently our service is geared towards adults. We don't require you to install an app on your phone, however we do need you to install a configuration profile.

Do you support Android Devices?

We currently do not support Android Devices. We would like to in the future, however for the time being we are focusing on iOS devices as well as Desktop and Laptop Computers.

Does your service use a VPN?

While our Guardrails App does install a VPN profile on your device, you are not actually connecting to a VPN. This is a "dummy connection" that allows us to redirect requests made from your device through our secure servers. This connection will always be running in the background regardless of what network you may be connected to.

What happens if I use Incognito mode or private browsing

Sites that you visit while using a private browsing mode are still filtered and logged for your protection

Are my apps filtered as well?

For the most part yes. Their are some exceptions to this as the internet is constantly changing. For example we cannot filter the apps for Facebook and Snapchat as they use a technology called SSL Pinning. Because of this technology their is no software that is able to filter these apps.

Is it easy to bypass?

Because Apple is focused on user experience and personal security, their is no solution available that cannot be circumvented in some way or another. Because we do filtering on the device level, it is no easy to bypass.

Will it interfere with any of my apps?

Generally speaking you will not have issues with any of your apps. However, some of our more customized plans can cause issues with some apps. We work very hard to ensure compatibility as much as possible. If you experience issues with a particular app or website, we will be happy to research a solution.

Does it block innapropriate sites or just report them?

Our basic protection package is two-fold. It blocks content and also keeps a report of your browsing history.